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I was so thankful for my grandma being able to take care of me this past week. I’m getting close to feeling 100% better now. However though, we didn’t go out to the sea again since Nanaba was away for a business trip and Hange had something else going on. So Eren and I just spent the weekend at home for the most part except we took another scuba diving lesson on Sunday.

~time skip to following wednesday~

eren’s pov

I went to work about an hour early like my boss asked since he had something to tell us.

‘Ok guys I got bad news. My boss told me that he plans on closing down this store here in the mall soon since he claims it’s too expensive. I tried telling him that we make enough sales to pay the rent here, but he told me that he wasn’t the one who made that decision and that it was his superiors who did. I guess they decided to close down all the stores they thought didn’t make enough money which includes this store. We’ll have to do a store wide clearance starting today. So you’ll only be working here for a few days more maximum until we get rid of most of the products here. So I’ll need your guys help putting these signs up before the store opens.”  

He then gave us quick instructions on where to put the signs and asked Thomas and Clara to program the registers to automatically calculate the discount off of each clothing item. We managed to do what he asked by the time the store opened. The day went by fast, and I told ______ about the bad news about my job, and she’ll see about trying to help me make a resume and possibly apply for jobs over the weekend. However though, that may mean that we’ll have to put off searching for Armin and Mikasa for the next weekend.

Luckily I got a phone call later that night from the modeling agency that hired me for a shoot over a month ago.  Apparently some companies are interested in hiring me and were asking them how to get ahold of me. I wrote the address of the place where these employers wanted to meet me at, and the time which was around 6 in the evening on Saturday.  I also asked if i could bring my friend, _______ along, and said yes.

~another time skip(to Saturday)~

your pov

Too bad Eren got laid off after working for about a month, but at least _____. I called Hange and told her the news. We decided to wait until next Saturday, and Eren and I are gonna take some scuba diving lessons on Sunday as a break from the job hunting (which includes that interview thingy that Eren was invited too. I was surprised when he told me that since employers usually don’t contact people out of the blue like that, but I checked out the location and it’s at some fancy restaurant, in the same town Eren did that modeling shoot in a while back.) Eren and I are going to do today.

“Ok Eren, we aren’t gonna go look for your friends this weekend, and instead I’ll be helping you get started on job hunting, and we’ll  take some more scuba diving lessons tomorrow.”

“I can deal with that, _____.”

“Good.” I got started on helping Eren make a resume. It took a few hours to finally finish building him a resume. Soon after, Eren rested his head on my shoulder. I put the laptop down and decided to let him snooze for a bit while watching TV. Once I was done, I decided to wake him up. I pushed his head off my shoulder.

“Eren wake up!”

“Ugh! ______. I’m still tired.”

“Eren if you nap too long, you won’t be able to sleep tonight.”

“Ugh! Alright, I’ll just snack on something to wake myself up.”

“After that, I’ve gonna help you creating account on job searching websites such as” Luckily he finished rather quickly, so after helping him create account of different job searching websites, I decided to call it quits for the day. Eren was glad because he was starting to get a headache. So I had him take some tylenol and told him to take a shower since it can help relieve the pain. I decided to start working on my final paper for my english class. Once he was done he decided to watch me done my homework for a bit, then decided to watch some tv.

Later that day, after Eren and I got dressed, we headed to the fancy restaurant. After we got inside the restaurant, and got seated at the spots saved for us.  It appears that these five recruiters(who of course were wearing suits) got here first before us.

“Hello Mr, Jaeger, glad you showed up!” One of them said, and walked near Eren in order to shake hands with them. The others did that afterwards. Once the waiter took our orders, then they decided to talk to Eren about the jobs  they want to offer him, which I didn’t pay attention to and zoned out. I lost track of time, and after a while the food came.

“___, after you finish eating, can you tell me which ones I should accept?” He handed over the contracts to all of the offers to me. I nodded in response. Once I finished eating I took a look at the applications. Since some of these offers had conflicting hours, I thought that the perfume and the lysol commercial jobs offered the best pay. He took my advice and signed those two contracts. I told him while I can take him to the perfume one, I can’t  take him to the other one, but he can take a bus to there though (but I have to look up the bus routes in order to figure out which one(s) he should take to get there.) I was so glad when this ‘interview was over’

Eren’s pov

A few days pass by while waiting for the day i’m waiting for one of my jobs to come.  Luckily, _____ was able to tell me how to get to the first job without her.  I was able to enter the building without any problems. Luckily this job wasn’t too difficult. Sure I had a few lines to memorize but at least I didn’t have to do much acting. Too bad the next job didn’t turn out as easy to do as this one did.  When Saturday came around, ____ dropped me off at the studio and went off to do some errands and visit some cousin of hers or something. I was checked in rather quickly and escort to a dressing room. Someone helped me put on this ugly looking costume that was way too glittery and had wings to it (A/N: this suit looks similar to the swimsuit Rei from free! tried on in one episode). This costume was tight fit, and kind of itchy to wear. Once the make-up artist finished putting make up, I followed the directions the director gave me. After a few hours and several takes, the director finally finished filming. Ugh this day was tiresome, and the stuff I had to do made me uncomfortable like wearing that costume and in one part, I and some other guys had to gather around some lady, and I had to grab one of her hands and kiss it, which I didn’t like since i’m not a flirt and i’m not interested in her at all.  Luckily, _____ came back when the shoot was almost over with. Once I was done with the job and dressed in regular clothes, I gave _____ a quick hug, and then one of the staff members handed me my check.

While _____ and I were heading out the door, the director yelled, “Wait!”. We turned around to his direction.

“Eren, you are invited to come to the after party later tonight.” He handed me an invitation to the place.

“No thank you!”

“You sure Eren?”

“Yes I am.”

“Aww come on, loosen up a little. It’ll be fun.” My female costar said walking towards me

“No, I’m too tired to go.”

“I can help you loosen up.”

“No thank you and goodbye!” I rushed out grabbing ______’s hand.

“Calm down Eren! You are yanking too hard.”

“Sorry!” I let go of her hand, “I wanted to get out of there quickly. Working there was stressful.”

“I can tell. Maybe you aren’t cut out for this type of work.”

“But the pay for one day is higher than my daily wage when I was working at the mall.”

“That be true but work is sparse. Hopefully you can find a better job in the future.”

“Can we go home now? I’m tired.”

Your pov

Unsurprisingly he fell asleep during the ride home. Once I made it home, I had a hard time getting Eren just to stay up long enough to walk out of the car and into the house. He promptly fell asleep after plopping on the couch.

A mermaid's tale~ mermaid eren x reader (au) 15
A mermaid's tale~ mermaid eren x reader (au) 14

sorry i had a hard time writing this chapter, i had some writer's block and a busy quarter. i admit i cut corners on this chapter since i was originally planning on having armin and mikasa visiting eren again in this chapter, but i didn't want people to wait forever for this chapter, so hopefully that'll be in the next chapter.
also i now have ideas for two different snk reader insert scifi fics, one being readerxvarious, and the other one being alien eren x reader. I might post previews of them either here or wattpad.
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