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A mermaid's tale~ mermaid eren x reader (au) 15
I was so thankful for my grandma being able to take care of me this past week. I’m getting close to feeling 100% better now. However though, we didn’t go out to the sea again since Nanaba was away for a business trip and Hange had something else going on. So Eren and I just spent the weekend at home for the most part except we took another scuba diving lesson on Sunday.
~time skip to following wednesday~
eren’s pov
I went to work about an hour early like my boss asked since he had something to tell us.
‘Ok guys I got bad news. My boss told me that he plans on closing down this store here in the mall soon since he claims it’s too expensive. I tried telling him that we make enough sales to pay the rent here, but he told me that he wasn’t the one who made that decision and that it was his superiors who did. I guess they decided to close down all the stores they thought didn’t make enough money which includes this store. We’ll have to
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A mermaid's tale~ mermaid eren x reader (au) 14
Annie’s pov
I hope I can free my people soon. for these past few weeks, the ruler of the Jaeger kingdom has been oppressing us. In fact, I think he’s the one responsible for the whirlpools that plagued our land these past few days. Me, Bertolt, Reiner, and a small band of scouts were scouting the border area of the Jaeger kingdom in order to help come up with an battle plan. The soldiers were split up into groups of four, while my two advisors Bertolt and Reiner and I were group up together.  While we were scouting around, we could hear the faint sound of people talking when we got close to the side of a cave. We looked around for an entrance and found it within a few minutes. I decided to eavesdrop on the conversation going on in the cave.
“I’m sure that damned king of ours is responsible for these whirlpools that have been happening lately.”
“I’m not so sure about that, Jean. According to my dad, King Earl has been planning to inv
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A mermaid's tale~ mermaid eren x reader (au) 13
I woke up to find myself in an hospital bed with a sling around my left arm, needles poked into my other arm, and some bandages wrapped around the knee area of my right leg. I looked around and saw Hange laying down on a nearby bed. I looked around and saw Molbit there.
“What happened and how long have I been out?”
“You had a concussion,a dislocated elbow, and a gash on your leg which caused you to lose consciousness. They did an operation on your dislocated elbow while you were unconscious and sewed up the gash on your leg.. Eren and I also got a few gashes also. At least Eren’s weren’t bad enough to warrant stitching. A doctor stitched up your wound while you were unconscious Then they stitched me up afterwards. Luckily the anesthesia is starting to wear off on me now. Eren and Nanaba are getting x-rays and cat scans to check for any internal damage just in case even though they only seem to have minor injures. One more thing, you should thank Eren for s
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A mermaids' tale~Mermaid Eren x Reader(AU) 12
your pov
We woke up early to get ready for scuba diving. Eren decided to make pancakes for the both of us which were good. Shortly after finishing breakfast, I showed Eren how to check his bank account balance online and saw that the bank already added his earnings from his job into the account. Luckily Eren hasn’t spent that much of his money yet. Not long afterwards, Hange showed up at our door.
“Hey Eren and ____. Sorry I ran a bit late coming here. My husband and our kids wanted to come with us.” I locked the door behind me and we both sat in the back row of her mini van. It was a half an hour car ride to our destination. Luckily we were all able to check in quickly.
“Since you guys are such a large group, we’ll have to split you into two, if that’s alright.” We all nodded in response to the lady at the check-in counter’s statement. A few minutes later a female instructor was assigned to Hange and her family. Shortly after, a g
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A mermaids' tale~Mermaid Eren x Reader(AU) 11
“Switching topics Eren, how’s your first week at work?”
“I guess it’s alright, but it can be rather tiring at times, dealing with customers and carrying heavy boxes.”
“Yeah my job is quite tiresome also, but the bills need to be payed. Maybe one day I could find a better job that pays more, but until then,I’m gonna stay at this job, unless I get fired or laid off of course.” Yeah my coworkers and my boss Levi can get annoying at times. My coworker Petra can be quite annoying also, especially when she got jealous after finding out Levi asked one of Mike’s assistants out on date. She’s been complaining about them this past week. I’m also not sure if I like being a business major anymore. If I do change majors, I’ll probably have to stay in school longer, and i’m not sure if I want that due to the costs. I’m not even sure what major should I switch too.
I heard the phone ring. Since I have caller I.D
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A mermaids' tale~Mermaid Eren x Reader(AU) 10
The sound of the phone ringing woke me up. I rushed to the phone to quickly answer the call.
“Hi ______, long time no see. How’s school going?” My uncle Nicolas asked.
“I’m doing fine. I have two more quarters of school after this quarter is finished. How are you doing ,uncle?”
“I recently got a promotion, and My wife and I are going to a conference on Centre City soon. Could you babysit your cousins for me?”
“Sure, I have no plans today so why not?”
“Great, I’ll be at your house in 30 minutes from now to drop off the kids. We’ll be back at around 7 in the evening. Ok, Bye”
“Bye.” I then hung up the phone. I walked outside my room and found Eren sitting on the couch using my laptop.
“Good morning _______. Finally you’re up.”
“Only because my uncle called, asking me to babysit his kids.” I yawned.
“Can’t wait to meet your cousins!”
“Did yo
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A mermaids' tale~Mermaid Eren x Reader(AU) 9
Eren's pov
I woke up before _______ did. I carefully slipped out of her hold on me without waking her up. I looked around the room and found a dusty book with no title on it lying on the floor, partially under her nightstand. I blew off the dust and started reading first page of the book.
‘Dear Diary, My mom bought me this journal to write down my inner thoughts since she claims that it will help me cope with my father’s death and other future problems that come along the way. Hope she’s right!’
I should ask _____ what the word diary means . I then read the second page of the book. In short, the page is about how one day the narrator and his/her mother came home from some assembly earlier than planned. Once they came home, to find the dad there with another woman.  His/her mom started yelling at the dad, while the other woman fixed up her clothes and left. After their mom yelled at the dad for a few minutes, the dad stormed out of the house, and drov
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A mermaids' tale~Mermaid Eren x Reader(AU) 8
After having breakfast,taking a quick shower, and getting dressed, I decided to take Eren to the bank in order to help him make a bank account and to get his check deposited. Luckily the bank wasn’t crowded so we got in and out rather quickly. I also signed up Eren for a debit card, which he should get in the mail 3-5 days from now. As we walked out of the bank, something caught his eye and he ran in the other direction.
“Look at this!” He pointed at an advertisement for a county fair.
“Can you take me there please! Those things shown in the poster look so awesome.” I looked at the poster and saw that it mentioned that were was a $5 per person deal. I guess I could take Eren to the county fair today. $5 per adult is a pretty good price now days. Usually they charge $10 or more per person.
“Well I guess we could go Eren since I don’t have anything else planned today.”
“Thank you!” He hugged me briefly.
“Let me get some ca
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A mermaids' tale~Mermaid Eren x Reader(AU) 7
“You are five minutes late”  I turned to look at the clock and saw that Levi was right.
“So what? It’s only a few minutes.” Levi got mad and started to chew me out my response. I pretended to listen to him ramble on. Somehow he figured out that I wasn’t listening, so he flicked my nose.
“Pay attention, _____, and get started on your assigned work. We’ve got a lot to do today. Ask Petra for the list of tasks you are supposed to do, and feel free to ask her questions about what you don’t understand as long as it doesn’t interfere with her tasks.” I simply nodded and headed towards her cubicle.
“Hey Petra! Levi sent me over here to ask you what i’m supposed to do today.”
She briefly explained what I was supposed to do. Afterwards she caught me by surprise with a question, “How did you get Levi to warm up to you so quickly? What’s your secret?”
“What do you mean?”
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A mermaids' tale~Mermaid Eren x Reader(AU) 6
“Wake Up, ____! Your boss is here.” I felt hands shaking my shoulder. I groaned, opening my eyes. I had to admit, he looked good with his bed hair. He pulled me out of bed.
“You didn’t have yank me out of bed! I would’ve got up on my own.”
“Yeah sure, whatever!” he mumbled.
“Oh by the way, that bed hair really looks good on you.”
“What’s bed hair?”
“It’s when your gets messy while sleeping” I giggled, pointing to his hair.
“Oh!” Eren chuckled lightly. We got out of the bedroom and went towards the living room, where I saw Levi sitting on the couch. I took a seat to my boss's left, and Eren sat to the left of me.
“Tch. Why can’t you wake up on time like your boyfriend here?” The irony of his statement was that usually I was the one who would wake up early this past week, not Eren. Coincidentally, the tables had turned today.
“He’s my housemate/friend,
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A mermaids' tale Mermaid Eren x Reader(AU) ch.5
reader's POV
After eating breakfast, I decided to teach Eren how to wash and dry his clothes using a washer machine and dryer.
After I showed him how to put “Aww, the wonders of this device. It’s so amazing seeing the clothes swirl around.” He stared at the spinning clothes like he was in a trance.
“Eren, you’re such a little kid!” Eren suddenly broke out of his trance and turned towards me. I saw a glint in his eyes.
“Hey i’m not a little kid!” Eren shouted.
“Calm Down! I’m just kidding around Eren.” I put my hands on his shoulder. He relaxed at my touch, and afterwards, I pulled my hands away.
“Let’s wash dishes while waiting for the washer to stop.”
I helped him wash dishes for a while. After we finished, the washer was done, so i showed him how to use the dryer.
“Eren, one of the conditions for you to stay here, is to help around the house doing chores such as washing cloth
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springtime love!~marco x reader(x levi)
You woke up this morning and caught sight of the calendar. Today was March 20, the first day of spring, and your day off. You got out of bed and rushed to get dressed and eat breakfast. You got your portion of bread and butter for breakfast. You looked around for your boyfriend Levi, but luckily he wasn’t around. You were getting sick and tired of his quirks and obsessiveness in general. You were considering breaking up with him. You sat with Jean, Marco, and Connie
You finished your breakfast quickly and left the table
“(Name) come back! There’s a cool place I want to show you.” You looked behind to see Marco running towards you. He motioned for me to follow him and led me to this field full of flower and trees scattered around.
“Why did you take me here, Marco?”
“I wanted to spend some quality time with you on our day off, and the scenery here is pleasant to look at.”
We then talked for about an hour to each other about some of our pers
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A mermaids' tale~Mermaid Eren x Reader(AU) ch.4
Eren pov
“Eren!” I heard a mysterious feminine voice call out my name. I saw a bright aura outlining a silhouette of a female mermaid, standing out against the dark.
“What’s going on here” I thought to myself.
“Eren, I’m here to tell you something important. Don’t worry, you’ll get to see Armin, Mikasa, and your father again sometime in the future. Your two best friends will make a few short visits to the surface. You'll eventually have to confront your uncle again. I'm not allowed to tell you the circumstances of which will cause these future events to occur.”
“What do you mean?”
“It’ll all make sense to you over time. I can only give you hints, not tell you your exact future.”
“What about my uncle?”
“don’t worry, he’ll get what’s coming to him for his behaviour.” I nodded in response.
“Eren, I hav
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A mermaids' tale~Mermaid Eren x Reader(AU) ch. 3
I woke up the next morning, to find that Eren must have woken up and left the room since he didn’t fold a part of the blanket covering him back. I looked out the window and noticed the branches of the tree outside swaying slightly. I got out of the bed and looked at the calendar. It reminded me that I had an interview to go to tomorrow. I walked out the bedroom towards the kitchen and caught Eren putting his hand in the ice cream carton.
“Eren, Stop! That’s not how you eat ice cream.”
“Then how do you eat it then?”
“First you get a spoon,” I opened the utensil drawer and got out a spoon, “Then you scoop some ice cream out the carton. Next you eat the ice cream off the spoon.” I demonstrated the next step. After I took the spoon out of the mouth, Eren snatched it from me. I didn’t stop, assuming that he was going to put it in the sink for me. Shortly after I got an apple out of the fridge, I saw Eren scooping out some ice
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A mermaids' tale~Mermaid Eren x Reader(AU) ch. 2
Reader pov(1st person)

“Umm Eren, Can you give me a few minutes to think about of this.”

“Sure.” He took my hand and led me out the cave. I stood there for a few minutes pondering what I should tell him.  While I was going through some stressful moments such as getting laid off from my previous job last thursday, and preparing for a job interview on Monday. Sure If I decide to join the mermaid world, I wouldn’t have to worry about paying the bills to my apartment. However though, If I do decide to stay here, I may never see my grandma, aunt, or any of my friends again. Is it really worth abandoning the life I already have? I’ve only been under the sea for several hours. I don’t know enough about Eren’s world to know if it’s worth living in. If I did have nothing to lose, then I wouldn’t hesitate to accept his offer. I think it would be best if I were to go back home.  I love my aunt and grandma too mu
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A mermaids' tale~Mermaid Eren x Reader (AU) ch. 1
You were waddling at the sea shore letting the sun beat down on your skin. You didn’t have worry about getting sunburn since you already applied waterproof sunscreen on your skin. The feeling of the ocean tugging at your feet gently was extremely soothing. It helped you relax and temporarily forget your problems and worries. It didn’t matter to you if springtime didn’t quite end yet. You had visited the place for a little over a year since your mother died. You had many memories here during your childhood. It helps that you didn’t live far from the beach. What you liked most about this beach was that is was clean, secluded, absolutely gorgeous, and had a calm,quiet, serene environment. To your liking, it appeared that no one else was there except for you. What you wanted right now was alone time. You didn’t care if the water was slightly chilly.  Your reminisce the fond memories you had at this place. You wondered if this place was magical or somethin
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Beyonce at the Grammys :icondaekazu:daekazu 2,041 81 Lady Gaga: Super Bowl 2017 :icondaekazu:daekazu 1,977 65 Princess Leia Organa :icondaekazu:daekazu 1,856 47 Awake to love :iconkanapy-art:kanapy-art 602 11
Regular Show Epic Finale
Regular Show: It's anything but.
This show really has lived with this phrase from the first episode, all the way to the last. These last 8 seasons have been something special.
It's only been 1 day, and I already miss Regular Show. Words can't describe what I feel with the Finale. It was well written, great cameos from earlier seasons, I won't give any spoilers, but I will say that I really enjoyed DVD HD and Blu-Ray being a part of this show. My only gripe with this, is that I only wished that this finale could have been made into a movie instead of just a 3 part 15 minute episode thing. For those that have seen this finale, what did you like from it, and what was your favorite moment overall from this series?
On a final note for this, as much as I'll miss Regular Show, I'm gonna live with this phrase that has been shared on Twitter: "Don't be sad that Regular Show has ended, be happy that it happened."
:iconmordetwi:MordeTwi 6 6
Zootopia Humanized :iconjuliajm15:juliajm15 1,232 96 Mini Legendaries :iconkirara-cecilvenes:Kirara-CecilVenes 573 104 Misty and Marill :iconkurumierika:KurumiErika 480 35 Haruka ORAS :iconkurumierika:KurumiErika 530 58 CM: Amourshipping ~ soulcaliber345 :iconkurumierika:KurumiErika 636 121 CM: vendetta-rage - Ash and Sora :iconkurumierika:KurumiErika 189 20 CM: Darkliger01 ~ Ash and Madoka ~ :iconkurumierika:KurumiErika 137 23 Transcend: The Heart of Thunder :icondreamoz:DReamOZ 192 63 Deep kiss. :iconkikikinchester:KikiKinchester 783 176 Merida X Rapunzel :iconemilyjayowens:EmilyJayOwens 666 70 Teen Titans (Earth-27) :iconphil-cho:phil-cho 1,394 86


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